As you know we love a good car show, so after finding out about one being held at Black Diamond, just outside Calgary, we had to visit.

Although the show was on from 10 am to 5 pm, we decided to go early as it was going to get very hot during the day. Obviously the earlier we got there, the cooler it would be. We set off early for the 50-minute drive and arrived just about opening time, although there were quite a few people already there. 

The show is free, but they were accepting donations, all of which went to the Brain Tumour Foundation, so we obviously left a decent donation. It was a really good show with a lot of cars parked along the sides of the closed off area of town.

There was a display of Corvettes, one of my favourites cars, some new and some old. 

And some fun details!

We treated ourselves to a hot dog each before leaving around 1 pm as it was getting really hot by then. Also, we had seen all we wanted to see. A great day out!