Yes, sorry it’s another car show, but this one was the best of the year so far. We had seen details of this show at the last one we went to, so weather pending we decided we would give it a shot and we are very glad we did.

It didn’t start until 11 am and we arrived just before that. The road that our navigation sent us to was blocked because of the show, so we had to drive around until we found another way in. We have never been to this area before, so we are not familiar with the roads etc. 

We did find our way reasonably easily and found a parking spot and off we went. This show is located in the Olde Towne area of Okotoks and was laid out all down the main street and into adjoining parking lots and businesses. There were hundreds of cars here, easily the most we have seen at one show here since the High River show last year.

In order to make sure we didn’t miss anything we wandered up one side of the road and then down the other, taking in the small diversions into parking lots etc. 

A lot of the local businesses were open, taking advantage of the crowds and many looked really interesting. This particular store had some old gas pumps out front as well as some fun items on show. Down the road was a piano, inviting anyone to play. There was also several locations wherebands were playing. 

There were hundreds of people here, but because the cars were spread out along a very long stretch of road, it never got too overcrowded. 

These kids obviously weren’t very interested in cars and preferred to have their heads stuck in their iPads and phones. So sad!

Whilst there we got peckish and started looking for the obligatory hot dog stand, but instead came across a pie stand. These pies looked really nice, similar to Cornish pasties, so we decided to try them out.

We chatted to the lady who was selling them and she said that they donate some of the profits to local children’s charities. She had her young sons helping out too.

I had a chicken pie and Chris had a beef and they were absolutely delicious. Definitely the best pies we have had since moving to Canada. In fact, we loved them so much we actually went back for another one (they are not very big) a couple of hours later.

This time a man was there with his son. I asked if his wife made them herself and he said that he makes the pastry and she makes the filling and they sell them at a location in town during the week. It turns out that he is from Zimbabwe and we had great fun trying to pronounce his name. He was a lovely man and I have no doubt that whenever we are in Okotoks we will be buying more pies! You can check them out at

After our first round of pies, we carried on car viewing.

We also got thirsty, so stopped off at a coffee house called Higher Ground. We got there just at the right time, as whilst we were waiting for our drinks loads more people turned up. We both had hot chocolate, which neither of us was very impressed with. Like Starbucks, it had a distinct coffee taste which I hate. But it was wet and warm!

We really enjoyed the car show and will definitely be back next year. We were also really impressed with the look of downtown Okotoks and have decided to come back again and this time take in the local shops etc. So, until then, speak later.