Chestermere is a small town to the west of Calgary and yesterday they held their annual Show and Shine car show, so obviously we went along to take a look.

It was held at the local rec centre and fortunately, it has a reasonable size parking lot, so as visitors, we were able to park pretty easily, especially as we got their early.  One of the first cars I saw was an old 1958 Corvette which is one of most favourite cars. I love Corvettes, both old and new, although I am not so keen on the 1960 – 70’s versions. This one was really nice though and I was equally pleased to see a rather nice 2019 model too. Just shows how much they have changed over the years. I would love a restomod, so all the character of the old with the technology of the new.

It was a pretty large show with hundreds of cars and trucks and quite a few vendors too.

We are both big fans of old trucks and we found some particularly nice examples.

Another car we found that we had never seen before was a GMC Sprint from 1973. 

Some of the many cars on show.

We spent a couple of hours there and had a hotdog for lunch then went back into Calgary. When we left the parking lot was crazy busy, so it was a very good idea to get their ealy.