For the last month, our weather has been a little erratic, to say the least. One day it’s in the mid 20s, the next it’s barely above freezing. All this cold weather is a little too early for our liking, so when we were promised a sunny, warm day on Tuesday we took advantage and drove to the mountains.

We set off quite early and it was just about zero degrees when we got there. The forecast said 17C for Calgary and generally the mountains are a little cooler, so this cool start was not unexpected. But, the skies were blue and the sun was shining.

You will notice that even though it is still only September, there is snow on the mountain tops. The Rockies have already had several snow falls this year, but we actually like it better when there is snow on the peaks, it defines them more. Click on any image to enlarge.

Whilst we were here we tried out our new 360 camera. This takes photos and video that can be viewed in 360 degrees.

If you use your mouse or fingers, depending on your device you can move this image around for a full 360 view.

The next stop was a beautiful lake. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to note its name, sorry. We stopped off here for quite some time as by now it was a bit warmer and no one else was about so it was completely silent. Absolute bliss!

Our next stop was a pretty river setting near the road bridge. The mountain you can see in the background is Mt Shark. I think you can guess where it got its name!

Apart from the lack of wildlife, we had a great day in the mountains. The weather, although cold to start, did get up to the mid-teens and we had a lovely time.