The last few weeks we have had awful weather, with lots of snow and negative temps, so when we saw that the weather was changing and we were getting teen temps and sun, off to the mountains we went.

We debated where to go, but decided to venture around the Banff area and after exiting the Trans Canada Highway we travelled along Highway 1A. This parallels the TCH but is far quieter and there is more chance of seeing wildlife. However, the only things we saw were a few elk, and they had their bums towards us, Nice!

As we didn’t see much here, we made a decision to drive into British Columbia via Highway 93S. In the past, we have managed to see both brown and grizzly bears along this road. Since we last travelled along this road there have been a lot of forest fires and the road has been closed quite a lot.

However, since the snow and cooler temps, this has now passed, so we were okay to travel. As of November first, by law, you have to have either winter tires or snow chains on your vehicle, but at the moment we are free to travel without either.

We ended up driving all the way to Radium Hot Springs and so we stopped off at our usual lunch place, the Big Horn Cafe. We had hot chocolate and meat pasty. The pasties looked really good and we had high hopes of a Cornish pasty type experience, but this was not to be. They were okay, but not very tasty, so a bit bland. Oh well, they filled a gap.

Whilst we were having lunch we noticed people looking out the window and saw that a pack of turkeys were wandering up the road. I’m sure a group of turkeys is not called a pack, but hey!

P.S. A group of turkeys is apparently called a Rafter. Who knew?