Our weather in Calgary has been up and down crazy for the last few weeks. We have gone from +6 to -40C all in the space of a few days. The trouble is, even when its pretty good in the city, you cannot travel too far away before the weather and the state of the roads makes it dangerous, so we have been pretty much stuck in the city.

But, yesterday it was promising to be warmer than the -40’s we have been experiencing, so we wanted to take the truck for a drive to boost the battery and give it a bit of a run. The last couple of days, Chris has been starting the engine, even if we are not going anywhere and its been struggling a bit, so it defiantly needed a run. The weather was supposed to get to -12C, which is still pretty cold, but it was going to be sunny and so we thought we would drive uptown the Crossiron Mills shopping centre which is the north end of the city, just to warm the engine up a bit.

As it turned out, the day was quite beautiful, so when we got to the centre, we carried on driving, right through Airdrie and further up Highway 2. We eventually turned off a side road and took the backroads around the countryside. Unfortunately, neither of us had our cameras with us as we weren’t expecting to travel this far, so all the photos were taken with my phone camera, so pretty poor, but you get the idea.

Of course, as is typical when we don’t have a camera we saw some wildlife. First, a few mule deer that I didn’t get a photo of and then some white-tailed leaping across the road.

But our best spot of the day was a lone moose. Unfortunately, it was quite some distance from the road and without my camera’s zoom lens I wasn’t able to get a good photo, but you can at least tell it is a moose.

It was a lovely drive that really cheered us both up after some pretty crappy weather. Trouble is there is a lot more bad weather to come, so might not get the chance to venture out again anytime soon.