Last week was my birthday, so we decided to go out for dinner as we haven’t been out for quite a while. It was quite a nice day, compared to the bitter cold and snow we have had lately and the evening promised to be much the same.

I got onto the web to take a look at menus of nearby restaurants. We are lucky in that our apartment is very close to not only the downtown area of Calgary but also 17th Avenue and 4th Street. All are well known for their abundance of restaurants and bars, so after some research, we decided to try Trolley 5.

Trolly 5 is a restaurant and brewery along 17th Avenue SW, and although we had walked past it hundreds of times, we had never been in. We decided to go late afternoon, before the rush of people who pop in after work. Fortunately, there were not many people there and we were seated straight away and given menus.

There is a bar you can sit at, as well as plenty of seating. You can also see the brewery vats (I think that’s what they are called) and apparently they do tours and beer tasting events. As we don’t drink these were wasted on us, but good for anyone interested in that type of thing.

We got our drinks, water for me and Pepsi for Chris then waited for our food order to be taken. We did wait quite some time for our order to be taken, but we weren’t in too much of a hurry.

I chose the pig and pineapple pizza and Chris had a Trolley 5 burger. Again we did wait a very long time for the food to arrive, but it was worth it. I’m guessing they take a while so that ‘normal people’ who drink will order more beer etc whilst waiting.

My pizza was large but very delicious and so was the burger. I didn’t finish my pizza as I wanted to try the dessert, so had the remaining slices boxed up for later.

We both tried the mixed berry cheesecake, and I have to say it was a little disappointing. It was really nice, but I have had better cheesecake, even from Safeway. But it did get served with a kumquat!

Overall, we had a very nice meal and will definitely return here to try some of their other menu items.