For the last couple of weeks we have seen several geese, usually in pairs, but some larger flocks, flying around the city. Some fly very close to our apartment window and as they fly they honk to each other – a lot! They can be extremely noisy. As they are just flying by, its no big deal, but…..

The last few days a pair of geese have been landing on a building over the road from our apartment. They sit on the roof and display to each other and are constantly honking. Sometimes other geese land on the building and then all-out war begins. They honk, flap, chase and generally cause a right commotion. This can go on for hours.

I hope they are not going to nest on the roof as this will be a complete pain, but as most geese here seem to congregate around the Bow River, just down the road, we are hoping that is where they will go. Time will tell.