We are fortunate to live very nearby to the BMO Centre, the main indoor event location in Calgary. It is literally at the end of our road, about 10 mins walk. So, when I saw that the Auto Show was being held there, we decided to take a look. We were expecting to pay $12.50 each, but it was ladies day, so I got in for just $7.50.

The BMO Centre is divided up into lots of different areas, but the show was only in two of them, so we knew straight away it wasn’t going to be very big. In total there were 37 brands there, from the low end to the very high end. We got there as it opened and as we hoped, it wasn’t busy at all. This meant that we could walk around at our leisure and sit in quite a few vehicles. Fortunately only the very high-end cars were locked, most others were accessible and you could get in and out as you pleased.

So, let’s take a look at some of the cars we saw. Click on any image to enlarge!

I’ll start with the most expensive car in the show and probably the world, the Bugatti Chiron. The price for this car starts at a modest $3 million, but of course, you wouldn’t want the base model, so be prepared to pay half a million more. For that, you get a magnificent looking car, with a funky choice of colour options, 1500 horsepower and top speed for the sports model of over 260 mph.

Now we will come back down to earth with the VW Golf R. I really love the colour of this. In the past, VW has been a little bland with their colour options, but this looks promising. Oh, they had an old Beetle there too.

One of the nicest eco green cars there was this Acura. Beautiful colour too.

One of my favourite cars has always been the Corvette, with the exception of the 60’s and early 70’s versions. But I’d definitely take one of the latest ones if I was given one.

As much as I love the Corvette, my personal favourite in the show was the Jaguar F-Type. The car just oozes style and that colour of orange, oh yes, please. These start at $70 CND, so not too bad for a luxury car. Of course, if you want the 5Lt version then you have to up that starting price to $147k. Maybe, when I win the lottery!

Another favourite of ours was the Range Rover Sport, which also came in this stunning satin shade of orange. It was very comfortable and starts at only $80k CND. I, however, went onto the website to build my own and ended up with a vehicle costing over $170k CND! What can I say, I have expensive taste!

Here are a few of the other vehicles we saw, including a couple of Lamborghinis. The Lambo’s are also painted with this satin type paint, so maybe this is the way forward with cars. I sure hope so.

I’ll finish off with a few more random vehicles.

Although we were only at the show for a couple of hours, it was a nice break from the norm. I’m glad we went, but proably won’t bother again in the future.