The Calgary Expo is the one event in Calgary that attracts the strangest of people. It centres around the main show at the BMO Centre, where fans of sci-fi, comics and other weird stuff get together dress up and get the chance to meet some of their heroes. Before the main show takes place, the Parade of Wonders takes centre stage and meanders down Stephen Avenue. As this takes place on a Friday, you would be forgiven for thinking there might not be many people attending, but you would be very wrong.

Each year there are lots of special guests at the Expo, and several of them take part in the parade. This year the main attractions were Christoper Lloyd of Back to the Future fame, Catherine Tate from Dr. Who, Anson Mount from Star Trek: Discovery and Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings. (Click on any photo to enlarge).

Christopher Lloyd

Catherine Tate

Anson Mount & Sean Astin

Although the weather has been lovely for the past week or so, we were forecast some cooler temps with the possibility of rain. However, the rain stayed away and although it was definitely on the cool side, especially in the shade, it was pretty good overall. Tomorrow they are forecasting snow, so could have been much worse. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and even though I have to confess to not knowing half of the characters that people were dressed as it was good fun.