The Glenbow Museum in downtown Calgary has had an exhibit that I have been wanting to see, Christian Dior. Normally it costs $18 to visit the museum, but every first Thursday of the month it is free to enter between 5 – 9 pm, so I took the opportunity last night.

I arrived just after 5pm and am very glad I did. There was already quite a few people in line, but I soon got in. I decided to go straight to the Christian Dior exhibit and then wander around the rest of the museum. This turned out to be a very good idea as I pretty much walked straight into the exhibit and was able to see everything I wanted and without too many people being there.

You can see many of the displays and beautiful dresses, suits etc in the slide show above. However, some deserve a special mention. (click on any photo to enlarge)

My absolute favourite dress was this beautiful evening dress. Apparently, it weighs an impressive 3.86 kg or 8.5 lbs, so not lightweight. There is a total of 12m of fabric and the circumference of the skirt is almost 14 m. Wow!

Some other suites and dresses are pictured below.

My favourites were definitely the evening dresses. They were either way over the top, or perfectly elegant.

Another section of the exhibit included things such as shoes and handbags and some jewellery. But I found the perfume bottles really pretty and ornate.

Once I had been around the exhibit I went onto some of the other sections of the museum, some of which I’d seen before, others were new to me. I’m very glad I went into the Dior section when I first arrived as when I left the exhibit and also an hour later, there were so many people lining up to get in, it was crazy. Well worth the visit though!

The exhibit is on until June 2nd.