If you love art, like I do, then Calgary is a pretty good place to live. Not only is there artwork displayed throughout the city every day, but we also get some exhibitions popping up in even the most unlikely places. One of those is the Southcentre Mall where, if you hurry, you can see the CHROMA exhibition which is on display until June 16th.

CHROMA is a 3,600 sq.ft. display in the middle of the shopping mall featuring art by local artists, including Marika Styba; Michelle Hoogveld; Tyler Lemermeyer; Maria Dina Galura; Rei Duncan; Rhys Farrell; Rachael Meckling; and Caine Chow.

All the work is three dimensional allowing the viewer to become immersed in the art. Some of the exhibits are cordoned off, allowing people to enter to take photos for a maximum of 3 minutes. when I was there-there were lots of parents taking photos of their kids in front of the exhibits, especially the lego one. Photographers can also book time in the exhibits for photoshoots. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Kalimbahin by Maria Dina Galura

The name of this giant balloon art piece means pink in Filipino, the homeland of the artist. She had dedicated it to her three daughters.

Another piece by the same artist called Tropicalla.

San-Go & Mo-Ri by Caine Chow & Rei Duncan

San-Go means corals in Japanese and is made of different wools and yarn. Mo-Ri means forest.

Aura & Nostalgia by Tyler Lemermeyer

Aura is beauty in simplicity with a simple bench and plants all in whites and aqua. Nostalgia is basically fun with legos.

Secret garden & keep in Touch by Merika Styba