This year, Canada Day has fallen on a Monday and everyone came out to celebrate, including us. There were lots of activities going on in various places throughout the city, but the main events were along the waterfront in downtown Calgary.

We wandered down early as it was going to get pretty hot by mid-afternoon, so we wanted to miss that if we could. We started off in the Eau Claire area of downtown and found lots of food trucks, vendors selling all sorts of items and of course a traditional Canadian Mariachi band!

Next, we followed the crowds to Prince’s Island Park and found more vendors, food trucks and music.

After this, we got ourselves a snack then walked down the river towards Inglewood. We got as far as the East Village where we found more, yes you’ve guessed it, vendors, food trucks and music.

I also managed to get a photo of the osprey that is nesting on top of one of the fancy light fixtures overlooking the river. I’ve been meaning to get a photo, but whenever I come down here, I’ve never got my camera with the zoom lens with me.

Finally, we ended up back downtown along Stephen Avenue.

By now, it was getting really hot and we had walked about 10 km, so we wearily headed back home.