Well, they call it the Greatest Indoor Show on Earth and the Calgary Stampede certainly attracts many visitors. We, however, are not particularly interested in the Stampede itself. Even though it is just down the road from us, we have no interest in the fairground or the shows they have there and we are certainly not interested in paying the crazy prices to enter, so we stay away. But, that said, there are a number of thing going on around the downtown area that are free to enjoy.

One thing many people enjoy either taking part in or simply watching is the square dancing along Stephen Avenue.

Another is the various parades that happen throughout the downtown area. The actual Stampede Parade takes place on the first Friday of the 10-day event, but this year it was raining heavily, so we did not attend, but there are other parades throughout the following days.

Ther are dance and music shows in the plaza area and many entertaining characters wandering around.