We love a good car show and missed one last weekend due to bad weather, so hoped that the show at Black Diamond would work ou, and it did. The weather was promising to be good, almost too good, so we went early to miss most of the heat.

We drove the 45 mins to Black Diamond and found a parking space along a side road. Even though we got there just after the official start time, it was very busy with cars, but not too bad for spectators. Some of the show cars were still arriving, so we decided to wander around to see everything that was there and then go round again later once everyone had arrived.

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There were cars of all ages, from model A’s to modern supercars.

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Light blue seemed to be a popular colour.

And some yellow ones that caught my eye.

Let’s not forget the green ones.

And the best of the rest.

We spend a couple of hours here, then decided to leave as it was getting very busy as well as very hot.

One the way home we stopped off at Denny’s to have lunch. We haven’t been to a Denny’s since we lived in Ontario, so it made a nice change. We both had a skillet and it was really good, even though the service wasn’t particularly great. It rounded off a really nice Sunday.