As you probably know if you read this blog often, we both love wildlife. Unfortunately, we don’t see too much in the city other than rabbits, squirrels, and birds, but just a short drive away is Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, a haven for wildlife.

We pop over here quite often and sometimes we are lucky enough to see animals and birds, and sometimes we see absolutely nothing.

I have posted about previous visits where we have seen herons and muskrats, beavers and deer as well as birds of prey. We hoped to be as lucky this time too.

We walked to where we know there are beavers but didn’t see anything either in the water or on the banks. We then walked round to where we have seen birds of prey and waterfowl, but apart from a few ducks and geese, again nothing. We were beginning to think that we were going to lose out on this visit when suddenly….. deer!

We spotted a few deer hiding in the bushes, but then as we turned a corner to go over a bridge a young fawn stood in front of us. For a moment we stared at him and he stared at us. He obviously wanted to get past us to where his mother and siblings were. We were in the process of moving, whilst trying to take photos when he darted straight for us and then scampered into the wooded area.  Well, that certainly made the visit worthwhile.

We also saw a heron, but he had positioned himself at the top of a tree and it was hard to get a good photo.